‘Sex and the City’ Movie Makes for Quite the Story

I’ll admit, I’m a huge “Sex and the City” fan. I hardly ever watched the show while it was on TV, despite the fact that my friends were all fans. But when a colleague lent me the DVDs, I was hooked.

I went to see the movie tonight with friends from work and felt as though I was walking through a fashion show. Wearing jeans and a (bright pink) T-shirt, I was sharing the runway with girls dressed in high heels, short dresses and Louis Vuitton-like bags. Carrie wannabes kicked up their heels and walked in groups with other girls. All that was missing was the New York City skyline in the background.

It would have been so much fun to be a journalist covering the “Sex and the City” craze. Fashion reporters would have had a blast, and still could throughout this weekend. Here are some stories that could have been pursued/questions that could have been asked tonight:

  • Hang out with a group of girls as they get ready to go see the movie. What do they do when they’re getting ready? Talk about their favorite “Sex and the City” episodes? Drink cosmos?
  • Interview two different age groups — the older women in the theatre and younger girls. What does the movie mean to each of them and the point they’re at in life?
  • Plenty of girls dressed up as “Sex and the City” characters. Were they any “Big” look-alikes or wannabes?
  • What did the few guys in the theatre think about the movie? Did they go there because they wanted to, or because their significant others dragged them to go see it?
  • What were all those girls’ boyfriends/husbands doing while the girls watched “Sex and the City”? Having a guys’ night out? Lounging at home?
  • Which local businesses, if any, were holding Sex and the City parties? A restaurant/bar near the movie theatre I went to tonight was hosting a Sex and the City premier party.
  • Hang out with the person collecting movie tickets. What kinds of stories does this person hear from the girls who pass through the theatre?
  • “Sex and the City” shows that movies primarily geared toward women can sell out on opening nights. What does this say about the culture of movies for women?
  • This would also be a good opportunity to put together an audio slideshow of what people are wearing and saying about the movie.

If you’ve seen particularly good stories about the “Sex and the City” movie, feel free to share them in the feedback section.