Walking Barefoot with Hanson

Fans walking barefoot

Fans walking barefoot at Southern Methodist University.

I’ll admit — I was a huge Hanson fan back in the day (when I was 13 or 14), but the group fell off my radar years ago.

In just the last week, though, I’ve interviewed the eldest brother, Isaac, written stories and blog posts about the brothers, walked barefoot with them, and gone to their concert. Let me explain the barefoot part: The Hanson brothers are walking barefoot in every city they tour in to help raise awareness about poverty and AIDS in Africa. They’re encouraging fans to join them and to register their own walks online.

I joined them on their walk in Dallas, which you can see from the photos I posted. It’s funny because I was running alongside screaming young girls as I tried to get toward the front of the pack to take better photos. I was amazed by how many girls still ooo and aww over the boys. The bros may have matured into young men, but they sure as heck still have lots of teenie-bopper fans. Here are my Hanson articles/blog entries:

Taylor talking to fans after the walk

Taylor talking to fans after the walk.

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“Hundreds of Fans Walk with Hanson Brothers”

“Hanson Brothers Still Have Rhythm, Energy and Harmony”


Isaac after taking the walk

Isaac after taking the walk.

An unflattering photo of me standing next to Isaac.

An unflattering close-up of me next to a smiling Isaac.