Better Not Wear Saggy Jeans — You Might Get Arrested.

As I drove home from work Friday, I spotted a group of a dozen or so boys who were all wearing skin-tight, white jeans. I wish I had taken a photo of them crossing the street in front of my car, strutting along the roadway like the Beatles, their heads down, their facial expressions serious. I’m used to seeing baggy jeans on guys, but skin-tight jeans? Not so much. Tight jeans, baggy jeans — they’re all about freedom of expression.

But some cities are stripping this freedom from people. Some towns in Louisiana have banned people from wearing saggy jeans, and other cities throughout the U.S. are considering following suit. As The New York Times reports, these cities are claiming that baggy jeans pose a threat to the public because they encourage the exposure of one’s private parts in public. Sounds like an unfair claim considering most guys wear boxers that cover everything when they wear their pants down low.

The Times article says:

“Since June 11, sagging pants have been against the law in Delcambre, La., a town of 2,231 that is 80 miles southwest of Baton Rouge. The style carries a fine of as much as $500 or up to a six-month sentence. “We used to wear long hair, but I don’t think our trends were ever as bad as sagging,” said Mayor Carol Broussard.”

Who is to say saggy jeans are worse than long hair on guys or tight, white jeans? Louisiana’s ban on baggy jeans reeks of discrimination, considering “the wearers are young, predominantly African-American men” who are following a craze that became popular with hip-hop rappers in the ’90s. I’m curious to see if this saggy pants ban spreads. I hope 10 years from now, I’ll still see groups of boys crossing the street wearing skin tight jeans, accompanied by a group of saggy jean wearers.

Along the same lines, I wonder if people consider this video to be discriminatory…

What do you think?

Published by Mallary Tenore Tarpley

Mallary is a mom of two young kiddos -- Madelyn and Tucker. Mallary absolutely loves being a mom and often writes about the need to find harmony when juggling motherhood and work. Mallary is the Assistant Director of the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas at the University of Texas at Austin, where she manages the Center's various programs related to distance learning, freedom of expression, and digital journalism. Previously, she was Executive Director of Images & Voices of Hope and Managing Editor of The Poynter Institute’s media news site, Mallary grew up outside of Boston and graduated from Providence College in Rhode Island. In 2015, she received a certificate in nonprofit management from Duke University. She now lives in beautiful Austin, Texas, with her kids, husband Troy and cat Clara. She's working on a memoir, slowly but surely. You can reach her at

2 thoughts on “Better Not Wear Saggy Jeans — You Might Get Arrested.

  1. I think that its really stupid to sit there and ban people from wearing baggy jeans. We have the right to express our indivigality. The fact that they are saying that baggy jeans “pose a threat to the public because they encourage the exposure of one’s private parts in public” sounds unfair and straight up stupid. Guys do not show there private parts, they have there boxers pulled up to wear you cant see them and many guys wear shorts underneath there jeans so you can see there boxers at all. They say that the United States is a free country and we have the right to express ourselves, but this isn’t true when they ban poeple from baggy jeans but yet we women can strut around in tanktops/haltertops that show our bras and jeans that show our underwear. The law against baggy jeans is completly out of line. How are we suppost to be the land of the brave when we cant even show our diffrent indivigal personalities? I question Mayor Carol Broussard decition VERY strongly.

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