Fading Fires: Reviewing Union-Tribune’s Online Coverage

by Mallary Tenore Tarpley


Nelvin Cepeda/ Union-Tribune

In the midst of chaos, journalists in California dealt with having to cover the fires’ destruction while also juggling risk and personal upheaval. Many evacuated their homes, then went straight to work, filing stories and responding to readers’ questions online around the clock.

I wrote an article about the San Diego Union-Tribune‘s coverage and interviewed some Society of Environmental Journalists board members for suggestions on new angles journalists can take in their coverage of the fires and their aftermath. You can add your comments to the article here. Several news organizations did a good job of covering the fires, but I chose to focus on just one of the paper’s, as another article that ran prior to the article I wrote did a round-up coverage of different news organizations’ coverage. Which news organization(s) do you think did a particularly good job of covering the fires? Was there something you would have liked to see more of? What ideas do you have for new angles to the fire stories?