‘Funny’ Videos Not So Funny

by Mallary Tenore Tarpley

Friends of mine love to send me links to funny Web videos they’ve found through word of mouth or while surfing the Web. Some are funny, and some are just downright stupid, which, in the spirit of dumb humor, seems to heighten their comic appeal. This week’s issue of New York magazine highlights some of these videos in an article titled “Funniest Web Videos of 2007.”

I watched every one of the videos, thinking they might strike my funny bone, but I didn’t find many of them all that comical. I had seen this College Humor video before and think it’s the funniest one on the “Top 20” list. The “Jeannie Tate Show” video starring Saturday Night Live’s Bill Hader might make you laugh, too. Quite the prank. This “I Like Turtles” video and the accompanying Bill O’Reilly spoof of it should have made the list, too.

Which video(s) from the list do you like best?