The Ultimate To-Do List

by Mallary Tenore Tarpley

I’m the type of person who likes to-do lists. Most of my to-do lists remind me of what I haven’t yet accomplished but need to do. I want to create a to-do list of what I haven’t yet done but want to do — a check list full of things that are wild, crazy and fun.

Oddly enough, I got this idea while chewing gum. I noticed the other day that on the inside of my gum pack, there was a list of fun things to do. I think it’s part of a promotional activity on the gum maker’s part. Here’s the list:

Rhinestone your entire wardrobe (Maybe like Leslie Hall?); hopscotch across the Golden Gate bride; rebut the Theory of Relativity; become a competitive ballroom dancer; break a world record; cartwheel across the Great Wall of China; get your massage therapy license; grow our your hair and donate it; run a marathon.

I would add to the list:

Become a track star; Fly in a hot air balloon; live in South America for a year; climb the world’s tallest tree (115.55 m); write a memoir; go back and read all of my favorite childhood books; sing on Broadway; be in a dance competition; go on a roller coaster (no, I still haven’t been on one); become a mom, and a grandma, and a great-grandma; learn how to speak Italian and Portuguese; write stories that bring people justice; go skydiving; make a paper crane chain that extends across the country; open my own hand-made jewelery shop; go to Paris; be the person who’s in charge of decorating the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center; work for a newspaper in all 50 states; see what life’s like at a giraffe’s height; create a built-in karaoke system for cars; draw a mural upside down; set a record as the world’s highest pogo-stick jumper; find a cure for cancer; become a competitive power walker; invent a business model that’ll save newspapers; read all the books I own; touch a cloud.

What’s on your ultimate to-do list?