Documenting Conversations on ‘Overheard in the Newsroom’

by Mallary Tenore Tarpley

You know those days when you hear something so ridiculous or funny in the office that you just want to share it with someone? Well, now there’s apparently a Web site journalists can use to anonymously do just that.

I don’t know how legitimate the site is, and I wonder how true some of the “overheard conversations” are, but the site grabbed my interest nonetheless. Some of the comments are crass and not related to journalism, while others would make most any journalist used to working in the newsroom say: “I hate when that happens!” or “Seriously?!” Even though the posts are anonymous, I wonder about the ethics of posting to such a site.

Here are a couple of overheard lines from the last few days:

–“Do you guys take letters to the editor over the phone?”

–On deadlines: “They are just suggestions.”

–“I’m actually on deadline, but for you I’ll talk.”

–A producer talking out loud to herself about making a mug shot: “Hmm… I think I’m going to need to cut off a couple of his chins to make him fit.”

–Citizen catches several large catfish and wanted a photo of it run in the paper. Reporter: “Where do you want these catfish?”
Editor: “A frying pan works.”

The site reminds me a bit of the “Stuff Journalists Like” blog.

What do you think about “Overheard in the Newsroom”?