Taking a Look at ‘Our First Loves’

by Mallary Tenore Tarpley

A former colleague who’s now a professor at Northwestern University sent me a link to a project his students recently put together. I found the project, called “Our First Love,” pretty interesting — mainly because of the stories, which are about each student’s first love. I especially liked the audio (and the origami hearts) in Annie’s story.

Even though I didn’t know any of the students’ first loves on a personal level, I still felt as though I could relate to the feelings associated with this universal theme. Part of me wanted to know more about how the students defined “love,” especially those who talked about loving a significant other at a young age. Was it puppy-dog love, or a more genuine kind of love? Given the subjectivity associated with it, love can be pretty difficult to define. I don’t think you can really define it until you find it…