Story Behind Go! Cover Photo of Kissing Interracial Couple

by Mallary Tenore Tarpley

go_coverI wrote a story for Poynter Online this week about a Go! cover photo of an interracial couple and the racially charged comments it generated.

To find out more about the issue, I talked with editors at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, including Kurt Greenbaum, editor of social media, about how they handled the comments:

When you’re trying to foster a conversation about race, how do you choose whom to include and whom to exclude?

It’s a question that reporters and editors at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch have asked a lot since launching the paper’s ‘A Conversation about Race‘ blog in January, and one that generated quite a bit of attention last week.

In a ‘Conversation about Race’ blog post on Friday, Post-Dispatch reporter Doug Moore wrote about the controversy surrounding a photo of a interracial couple that appeared on the Post-Dispatch‘s weekly Go! magazine. The photo generated negative comments from readers, many of whom said they were disturbed that the paper would run such an image.

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