Where to Go When Visiting Minneapolis?

by Mallary Tenore Tarpley

This week I’m going to Minneapolis for the American Copy Editors Society conference and to visit one of my best friends from college, who just recently got engaged. I’ve never been to Minneapolis before, so I’m taking suggestions as to where I should go and what I should do.

Normally, when I travel somewhere I write about it after the fact, as I’ve done with my trips to Dallas, San Diego, Washington, D.C., and more. This time, though, I want to find out about the city’s worthwhile museums, parks, restaurants, bars, etc., ahead of time. My friend I’m staying with knows the area well, but I’m sure there are new places we could both explore together.

I’ve spent a little time on vita.mn, which is a great guide to the hotspots and latest happenings in the Twin Cities, but I’d like some more personalized suggestions, too.

So, where should I go/what should I try to do while I’m in Minneapolis?