Stories from the Past Couple of Weeks

by Mallary Tenore Tarpley

Throughout the past few weeks I’ve gotten to cover some fun stories — about the new AP Stylebook, emerging trends at news startups, Helen Thomas’ White House briefing room seat and more. I’m happiest at work when I’m interviewing people and writing stories, so it’s been good for me to find time to carve out opportunities to report. Here are some of my most recent stories from the past couple of weeks:

What Nonprofit News Sites Can Learn from Grist’s ‘Save Our Journalists!’ Campaign

SEJ President: Environment is a ‘Stealth’ Beat

WHCA to Discuss Who Gets Thomas’ Seat at Special Meeting Thursday

AP Lowers Price of Stylebook iPhone App

New AP Stylebook Responds to Users’ Questions about Social Media Terms

Bay Citizen Embraces 4 Emerging Trends Among News Startups

Post Publisher Weymouth Opens ‘Edge of Change’ with Talk of Journalism, Grandmother’s Legacy

Live Blog: ‘Journalism as Women’s Work, Past & Present’

Ben Franklin Project’s ‘Digital First, Print Last’ Approach Produces First Products