My new favorite beat: Writing about women’s issues in the media

by Mallary Tenore Tarpley

Throughout the past year, I’ve started writing a lot more about women’s issues, particularly as they relate to the media world. Part of this has to do with my editor, who has prompted me to write about these issues and given me a newfound appreciation for them. I’ve always been interested in writing about diversity in the media, so this is an extension of that.

In recent months, I’ve written about why we need female journalists with technical expertise, why women don’t contribute to opinion pages as often as men, and the difficulties female journalists have faced while sexually assaulted on the job.

Today, I wrote about what news sites are doing to attract more female readers. I interviewed folks from a few of the eight top news sites that attract more female readers than male readers and found that two of the sites — Yahoo News and — have developed strategies that have led them to attract more women. You can read the story here to find out what these sites have learned about what women want.