Finishing my fourth women’s half marathon

A couple of months ago, I told myself I wanted to accomplish a goal outside of work. I had been talking for weeks about signing up for the women’s half marathon in St. Pete. “You should sign up for it,” my fiance Troy kept saying. I procrastinated and then, with four weeks to go beforeContinue reading “Finishing my fourth women’s half marathon”

Last night, my boyfriend slipped a ring on my finger …

As I walked in the door Tuesday night, I spotted a homemade pizza sitting on the counter next to a bottle of Pinot Noir. “Oooo, a pizza!” I said, giving my boyfriend Troy a hug. “And wine!” “I thought we could have a nice dinner together,” he said, giving me a hug and a kiss.Continue reading “Last night, my boyfriend slipped a ring on my finger …”

#Literaryrestaurants picks up popularity among foodies & book lovers

If you haven’t been following the trending #literaryrestaurants hashtag, check it out. People have been using it throughout the past day to tweet creative literary names of restaurants. Stephen Elliott, founder of a site called The Rumpus, created the hashtag. Here are a few #literaryrestaurants tweets that The Huffington Post highlighted:   I thought of “LordContinue reading “#Literaryrestaurants picks up popularity among foodies & book lovers”

Google Chrome commercial shows how a mother’s death can strengthen a father-daughter bond

It’s been about 15 years since my mom died of breast cancer. The pain from the loss has subsided over the years, but the desire to share important moments with her hasn’t. There have been so many times when I’ve thought to myself, “I wish Mom could be here for this.” I wish she could haveContinue reading “Google Chrome commercial shows how a mother’s death can strengthen a father-daughter bond”

Taking on a new role at work

I’m excited to say that I’ve been promoted to a new role at work: managing editor of As managing editor, I’ll have many of the same responsibilities that I did when I was associate editor; I’ll be writing and editing stories about the media, overseeing the How To section of the website, moderating liveContinue reading “Taking on a new role at work”

Meeting some of the journalists who are in Tampa this week for the RNC

This week, there are about 15,000 journalists in Tampa covering the Republican National Convention. They’ll be covering the political speeches, talking with protesters, taking us behind the scenes, and finding out which politicians are attending local strip clubs. (There are a lot of them here in Tampa Bay.) While it’s important for journalists to coverContinue reading “Meeting some of the journalists who are in Tampa this week for the RNC”

Remembering mentor, friend and leader Jim Naughton

There are some people who enter your life and inspire you to be better. Jim Naughton was one of those people. Naughton died Saturday, two days before his 74th birthday. He had battled prostate cancer for more than 15 years. I probably wouldn’t be at Poynter today had it not been for Naughton. He helpedContinue reading “Remembering mentor, friend and leader Jim Naughton”

Starting to experiment in the kitchen more

When I lived alone, I rarely felt motivated to cook. I was content eating veggie burgers and  salads, and really didn’t like to cook for myself. I’ve always enjoyed cooking and eating more when I’m cooking for someone or eating with someone. Since my meat-loving boyfriend and I started living together, I’ve been cooking a lotContinue reading “Starting to experiment in the kitchen more”

Jennifer Weiner: ‘Write the book you wanted to read’

I met Jennifer Weiner a couple of years ago when she came to Poynter and have been following her work closely ever since. I admire not just her writing, but the way she interacts with her audience via social media, her creative approach to promoting her books, and her relentless efforts to speak out aboutContinue reading “Jennifer Weiner: ‘Write the book you wanted to read’”

Meeting with Anna Quindlen while in New York City

I went to New York City last week to attend the Mirror Awards ceremony, where winners were announced. I was a finalist in two categories, but I didn’t win. The optimist in me kept saying, “It’s OK; you should be happy you made it this far! You can just try again year.” Of course, though,Continue reading “Meeting with Anna Quindlen while in New York City”