Reporting on Religious Angles in the Madoff Case

It’s a classic question: When is it relevant to include someone’s race, ethnicity or religion in a story? Journalists covering the Bernard Madoff scandal were faced with this question when trying to decide how to cover the religious angle of the Madoff scheme. Many stories about Madoff talked about his hefty donations to Jewish organizations,Continue reading “Reporting on Religious Angles in the Madoff Case”

Much to Be Lost, and Gained, During Times of Uncertainty

There are times when life seems defined by uncertainty. Will my house sell in this market? When can I get that raise I was promised? Will I have a job tomorrow? These questions become all the more prevalent during tough economic times, when financial instability creates worry, angst and a “Why this, why me?” mentality.Continue reading “Much to Be Lost, and Gained, During Times of Uncertainty”

Color by Numbers (in Narratives)

Let’s face it: Journalists aren’t known for being good with numbers. But that doesn’t mean they don’t write about them. A slew of recent headlines involving numbers come to mind, including: “Dow Closes Up 936, Biggest Point Gain Ever,”; “Bengal’s Wide Receiver Changes Last Name to Ocho Cinco”; and “Marry Me at 8 on the 8th,Continue reading “Color by Numbers (in Narratives)”