Talented Friends, Former Colleagues Hurt by Dallas Morning News Layoffs

Tuesday started off with uncertainty and ended with confusion and loss. In yet another round of layoffs, The Dallas Morning News lost several talented reporters, photographers, copy editors and more. Though I was only in the newsroom for three months last summer, I met countless journalists who befriended and coached me during my internship. ManyContinue reading “Talented Friends, Former Colleagues Hurt by Dallas Morning News Layoffs”

How Facebook, TotSpot and Other Social Networking Sites Help Transform Traditions

I wrote two stories recently for The Dallas Morning News about the ways that people are using social networking sites to transform traditions and connect with the world around them. One of the articles is about brides using Facebook to plan for their weddings. I got the idea for this story after my colleague’s fianceContinue reading “How Facebook, TotSpot and Other Social Networking Sites Help Transform Traditions”

A Visit to the Book Doctor Turned Into a Story

I stumbled across the Book Doctor’s shop while walking around Dallas’ Bishop Arts District one day. It’s a tiny shop, nestled in the corner of a strip of stores. I went into the store and started talking with the shop’s owner, Julie, a.k.a. the Book Doctor. She told me fascinating anecdotes about her customers, manyContinue reading “A Visit to the Book Doctor Turned Into a Story”

Seniors Dance Their Way to Health, Companionship

I wrote an article for Tuesday’s Dallas Morning News about senior citizens who ballroom dance as a way to stay fit. While working on the story, I went to the Plano Senior Center and danced with several seniors who came to know me “as the girl with the notebook,” aka “the young reporter.” Dance byContinue reading “Seniors Dance Their Way to Health, Companionship”

A Lesson in Shooting Video

The thought of shooting and editing video used to intimidate me. It seemed overly complicated, so I hid in the comfort of words. But one day, toward the end of my internship at The Dallas Morning News, I decided to stop hiding. I’m so glad I did. While in Dallas, I paired up with photographerContinue reading “A Lesson in Shooting Video”

Places to Go, Sights to See in Dallas

I made it to Florida. I’m slowly settling into my new apartment, reuniting with friends and getting back into the Poynter work mode. I’ve missed this place. I miss Dallas, too, and all that a large metropolitan city has to offer. Someone told me before I went to Dallas that “there’s nothing to do inContinue reading “Places to Go, Sights to See in Dallas”

Road Trip Back to Florida Begins

Man, I’m going to miss this place. Just as I was starting to feel settled and get closer to the people I’ve met here, it’s time for me to leave. That always seems to be the case. I’ve said a lot of hellos and goodbyes throughout the past few years when moving from Massachusetts toContinue reading “Road Trip Back to Florida Begins”

Much to Be Lost, and Gained, During Times of Uncertainty

There are times when life seems defined by uncertainty. Will my house sell in this market? When can I get that raise I was promised? Will I have a job tomorrow? These questions become all the more prevalent during tough economic times, when financial instability creates worry, angst and a “Why this, why me?” mentality.Continue reading “Much to Be Lost, and Gained, During Times of Uncertainty”

Spotting Jason Castro and Terrell Owens

While shopping this weekend at the Buffalo Exchange, a thrift store in Dallas, I spotted “American Idol” contestant Jason Castro. No one seemed to recognize him, or they just didn’t care to approach him. I couldn’t remember his full name, but I walked up to him nonetheless. “Hi! You were on ‘American Idol,’ right?” “Yep,Continue reading “Spotting Jason Castro and Terrell Owens”

FlyLady Flies to Dallas to Share Housekeeping Tips

I had fun writing this story about Marla Cilley, also known as the FlyLady. Haven’t heard of her? I hadn’t either. She’s a woman who started a Yahoo! group that has nearly 500,000 members. The FlyLady sends up to 15 e-mails a day to help encourage her “FlyBabies” to keep a clean house and loveContinue reading “FlyLady Flies to Dallas to Share Housekeeping Tips”