Learning to heal from the loss of my mom, struggles with food

I’ve been writing personal essays about my mom for three and a half years now and am constantly reminded of how much I love to keep her memory alive through writing. Now, I’ve taken all of those essays and strung them together. I plan to build on the narrative so that I can eventually turnContinue reading “Learning to heal from the loss of my mom, struggles with food”

Mother-Daughter Song Stirs Memories of Happier Times with Mom

Not long ago, I rediscovered a tape of me and my mom singing together. We had made up the song together the night before Mother’s Day when I was about 7 or 8, and I recorded it on my Fisher Price tape player. Now at age 25 I treasure the song. It’s the only recordingContinue reading “Mother-Daughter Song Stirs Memories of Happier Times with Mom”

Stories about Motherhood, Childhood, Food & Journalism

I went through the articles I’ve posted on my Delicious page recently and realized that there are a lot of stories that have interested me lately. Not surprisingly, they have to do with journalism, moms, childhood and food — the subjects I like to write and read about the most. Here are some of theContinue reading “Stories about Motherhood, Childhood, Food & Journalism”

Remembering What We’ve Lost, Holding on to What We Still Have

Loss has always played a significant role in my life — especially the fear of it. As a child, my mom used to scream at me whenever I lost something. “Maaaaaallllarrrry!” she would say, her brow furrowed, her head titled. Uh. Oh. I grew to fear what would happen if I told her I hadContinue reading “Remembering What We’ve Lost, Holding on to What We Still Have”

Learning from Old Written Work

I’ve often thought that one of the best ways to improve as a writer is to go back and read your old work. Read it with a critic’s eye. Laugh when you read it. Cringe. See how far you’ve come as a writer. Lately I’ve been reading a lot of my old articles and realizingContinue reading “Learning from Old Written Work”