Night in the Life of a Cat-Owning Writer

Paws of procrastination kept getting in my way the other night. I was up late working on a story at the foot of my bed with Clara the cat by my side. She kept swatting at my hands and walking all over my keyboard as I wrote, inserting typos and aklsjfklsdjfklsdjfldksjfsld neologisms into the story.Continue reading “Night in the Life of a Cat-Owning Writer”

Clara the Cat Is Good Remedy for Loneliness

This is by far my favorite photo of Clara. I took it with my laptop the same night that my grandmother and cousin left Florida to fly back home to Boston. It’s as though Clara knew I was feeling lonely after my company had left. Cats have a good way of sensing when humans areContinue reading “Clara the Cat Is Good Remedy for Loneliness”

Clara Gets Tangled Up in Fun, Mischief

Clara is much like a child who always has one paw in the cookie jar and the other on the counter, the laptop keyboard, or just the spot where you don’t want it to be. She races around the apartment every morning after her internal alarm clock wakes her up at 6 a.m. Sometimes IContinue reading “Clara Gets Tangled Up in Fun, Mischief”

Clara’s First Kitty Play Date

Clara had lots of firsts this week, the most significant of which was a kitty play date Thursday night. One of my friends just got a cat a few days before I did, and our other friend got a cat last summer. Hoping the cats will ultimately become the best of friends, we introduced twoContinue reading “Clara’s First Kitty Play Date”

An Anniversary That Gets Easier with Time, and a Cat

February 9 is a day I’ll always remember. It’s the day my mom died, the day that signaled the end of a life and the beginning of my rocky journey into life without a mom. I’ve learned a lot in the past 12 years since my mom died, but I still struggle to understand whyContinue reading “An Anniversary That Gets Easier with Time, and a Cat”

Meet Clara, My New Furry Friend

Here are some photos of my new cat Clara. She is the most loving cat I’ve ever met, and she’s quite spoiled, too. Whenever I sit down, she jumps on my lap and starts purring. She extends her paws toward my face as though she’s giving me little love taps, and then she often curlsContinue reading “Meet Clara, My New Furry Friend”