Falling Asleep in the Boston Public Library

The snoring was loud enough to turn heads. On the otherwise quiet second floor of the Boston Public Library, a man sat with his head titled backward, his arms outstretched, his mouth wide open. I peered at him over the cover of Joan Didion’s “Democracy” and wondered what had made him so tired. Was itContinue reading “Falling Asleep in the Boston Public Library”

Messages and Memories Found, Preserved in Books

Just some of what I found in the books on my bookshelves. Last week I was flipping through my mom’s old cookbook. It’s a cookbook written by Ellie Deaner, who Mom and I used to take cooking classes from when I was a child. The red cover is torn from the spiral binding of theContinue reading “Messages and Memories Found, Preserved in Books”

Books That Remind Us of Childhood, How Much We’ve Grown

On my morning commute to work earlier this week, I caught the beginning of a segment on National Public Radio (NPR) about “everyone’s favorite ‘Little Women’ character,” Jo. The second oldest of the four children, Jo aspires to be a writer and is the kind of woman who some say Louisa May Alcott wanted toContinue reading “Books That Remind Us of Childhood, How Much We’ve Grown”