Finding a Place to Call Home

It took a while for my family to get used to the idea of me calling Florida “home.” “But this is your home,” my dad would say, referring to the house in my tiny hometown of Holliston, Mass. “Well, that’ll always be home,” I’d say. “It’s just not home right now.” Home. Is it theContinue reading “Finding a Place to Call Home”

Combating Loneliness and Its Myths

I was surprised to open my mailbox Tuesday night and see a New York Magazine cover story with the headline: “The Loneliness Myth.” The word “loneliness” stuck out at me because it’s a word that I’m forever trying to understand. New York Magazine provides some background on the history of loneliness, saying that it “evolvedContinue reading “Combating Loneliness and Its Myths”

Dude, What Does ‘Dude’ Mean?

I often think about words and how they relate to the way we express ourselves. Sometimes, we’re at a loss for words, either because we can’t find the words to articulate what we mean or because the word just doesn’t exist. Other times, we say a word but don’t really know what it means. I’mContinue reading “Dude, What Does ‘Dude’ Mean?”

In One Word: Finding a Focus for Stories

When I write a story, I try to sum it up in one word. It’s a strategy that helps me stay focused on what’s important. What is this story really about? I ask myself. After I pick a word, I write toward that word. When I wrote about adults playing kickball, for instance, I decidedContinue reading “In One Word: Finding a Focus for Stories”