Poynter’s New Diversity Blog: Diversity at Work

by Mallary Tenore Tarpley


(Excerpt from Poynter’s new diversity blog.

My editor, Bill Mitchell, asked me a few months ago to start thinking about how Poynter Online might improve its coverage of diversity. He knew I had written a four-part series about diversity for my college newspaper, The Cowl, last year and that the subject of diversity interests me.

With the help of my gifted colleagues Tom Huang and Bill, I started conceptualizing an idea for a diversity blog called Diversity at Work (www.poynter.org/diversityatwork). I finished putting the blog together last week after lots of brainstorming about how the blog could be best served.

We’re soft launching the blog this week on our Poynterevolution blog. Next week, we will introduce it in a centerpiece item. So far, about a dozen journalists from news organizations around the world have agreed to contribute to the blog.

This is a work in progress, so I’d be curious to see what ideas you have/what you think of the way I’ve set up the blog. Feel free to add to the comments in this post or to the comments section in the Poynterevolution blog. Here is Bill’s piece on Diversity at Work.