On Twitter: RSS-fed v. Manually Updated Posts

by Mallary Tenore Tarpley

Lots of news organizations have created Twitter pages, and some have created multiple pages for  for news about business, traffic, entertainment, etc. I just noticed that similar to The New York Times, The (Portland) Oregonian has quite a few Twitter pages:

Oregonian news: http://twitter.com/oregonian
Oregonian traffic: http://twitter.com/OregonianTraff
Oregonian sports: http://twitter.com/OregonianSports
Oregonian biz: http://twitter.com/OregonianBiz
Oregonian entertainment: http://twitter.com/OregonianEnt

The Oregonian just created a new political page, Oregonian2008, which features manually updated posts. The latest post says: “We’re going to try Twittering live from the scene during Obama campaign appearance at Memorial Coliseum Friday. Reply with suggestions, etc!” I’ll be interested in seeing how The Oregonian uses its Twitter political page throughout the 2008 presidential campaign.

As a user, I like when news organizations manually update their Twitter posts as opposed to having them automatically updated through an RSS feed. The information feels more personalized when it’s updated manually, and it seems less overwhelming. At times, I’ll get up to 10 posts all at once from news organizations that update their Twitter page through RSS feeds. On the flip side, though, RSS-fed updates may be better if you’re looking to use Twitter as a one-stop news aggregator and want to receive as much news as possible on the site. Rather than making separate visits to npr.org, nytimes.com, espn.com, and oregonian.com, etc., you can get all your news in one place — on Twitter.

If you’re a Twitterer, which do you prefer — RSS-fed updates or manual updates? If you’re wondering what the heck Twitter is, you can read more here.