Colorful Cubicles? Yes, Please

by Mallary Tenore Tarpley

I have to get used to working in a cubicle again. I’ve never had an actual office, but at Poynter my work area was right near the entranceway to Poynter Online, so people often stopped and waved, or leaned over the partition near my desk to talk to me. In high school, when I interned at The MetroWest Daily News, I used to call myself the newsroom nomad. I didn’t always have a set cubicle, so I wandered around and sat at whatever cubby was available.

Now, at The Dallas Morning News, I have my own set cubicle, with my own phone, my own e-mail address, and my own desk chair. But the walls of my cubicle — they’re so bare. Their emptiness echoes the eerie reality of industry-wide buyouts and layoffs. That said, I’m going to have to find some creative decorations to keep my cubby comfy and colorful.

Tonight, I found some inspiration in a CNN article called “Cubicle Land — How to Stand Out.” Check out the different ways the cubicles are decorated. I like the “Hulking Out” one. Got any cool cubicle decorating ideas?