Traveling to D.C. for Obama’s Inauguration

by Mallary Tenore Tarpley

I’m sitting in an Amtrak station now, waiting to take a train from Baltimore to Union Station in Washington, D.C. Like millions of others, I’ve come to see the inauguration of President-elect Barack Obama.

I may not have much Internet access throughout the next few days, but you can be sure I’ll be writing more about the inauguration when I get back next Thursday.

So far, I’ve been amazed to see how friendly people are. I’ve met people from Nashville Pheonix, Baltimore and other places from around the country who have come here for the big event. One woman, Nancy, even tagged along with me from BWI to the Amtrack Station because she didn’t know exactly where she was going and wanted a “travel buddy.” (Mind you, I’m not that experienced at traveling to D.C., but I must have seemed like I knew what I was talking about!)

The children I’ve seen seem especially excited. A little girl named Bridgette, who was sitting behind me on the plane, kept asking her dad questions while we were flying.

“Are we in Heaven yet?” she asked as we flew into a cluster of clouds.

“When are we going to get to see Obama?”

“Daddy, why is the sunset so beautiful?”

She made me smile.

There’s lots more that will make me smile this week, including a concert Sunday afternoon featuring Bono, Beyonce, Bruce Sprinsteen and plenty of others. Check back for more updates …