Obama’s Historic Inauguration Unites People, Renews Hope

The masses flocked to Washington, D.C., to witness a defining moment for our generation, the swearing in of the nation’s first African American president, Barack Obama. They waited in lines, faced the cold and ran on little sleep in a city that seemed to flash continuously with lights, loud noises and waving flags. And yetContinue reading “Obama’s Historic Inauguration Unites People, Renews Hope”

Traveling to D.C. for Obama’s Inauguration

I’m sitting in an Amtrak station now, waiting to take a train from Baltimore to Union Station in Washington, D.C. Like millions of others, I’ve come to see the inauguration of President-elect Barack Obama. I may not have much Internet access throughout the next few days, but you can be sure I’ll be writing moreContinue reading “Traveling to D.C. for Obama’s Inauguration”