Having a Ball Making Cake Balls

by Mallary Tenore Tarpley

Some of the dozens of cakeballs my friends and I made.

Some of the dozens of cake balls my friends and I made.

I recently joined a craft group that some St. Petersburg Times folks started last fall. Joining the group has given me an excuse to rekindle my creativity by doing origami, making earrings and more.

I hosted the last craft party and spiced it up a bit. In place of a traditional craft, my friend and I suggested that the group make cake balls — sickeningly sweet treats that are fun to decorate and even more fun to eat. I figured this would be a fitting food for us to make, seeing as you can be crafty when it comes time to decorate the cake balls with chocolate almond bark and colorful sprinkles.

I first found out about cake balls while interning in Dallas last summer. The woman I lived with, who was The Dallas Morning News‘ assistant food editor at the time, edited a story about them and decided to make them on her own. I think this may have been one of the best decisions she made while I was in Dallas. I jest, but they were so delicious I felt compelled to re-satisfy my cravings for them and introduce other people to their addicting sweetness. (Note: the story I linked to above includes cake ball recipes.)

Apparently, they’re pretty popular in Dallas; a new cake ball company just opened there. They cost far too much to buy, though. Better (and cheaper) to make them in your own kitchen with the company of friends.

After looking at that picture I posted, how could you not want to make some?