Still Trying to Cook When Time Allows

I wanted to give you a quick update on my blog post about cooking one homemade meal a week. I haven’t been cooking as much as I’d like, but I have made some of the dishes I blogged about, and I’ve been trying to make more of an effort to prepare different meals for myselfContinue reading “Still Trying to Cook When Time Allows”

Creativity Comes out at Cupcake-Making Party

Last month, my best friend from home got me a cupcake-making book for my birthday, along with some matching cupcake napkins. I had seen the book, “Hello Cupcake!” several times before but had never bought it. I wondered if I’d ever have an occasion to make such elaborate cupcakes and figured I’d just get someContinue reading “Creativity Comes out at Cupcake-Making Party”

Trying to Find More Time for Cooking, Baking

I’m trying to get better at cooking for myself. It can be tough when you work late and don’t feel like “working” more in the kitchen when you get home. But I know some people who say that cooking relaxes them and gives them the chance to be more creative when it comes to food.Continue reading “Trying to Find More Time for Cooking, Baking”

Cooking/Baking Black Bean Burgers & White Bean Strawberry Blondies

My roommate and I, both vegetarians, started a new Sunday night tradition: making veggilicious meals. This afternoon we experimented with beans and made black bean veggie burgers and Vegan white bean strawberry blondies. The burgers were so much better than the frozen Garden Burgers I always eat, mainly because they were more filling and theyContinue reading “Cooking/Baking Black Bean Burgers & White Bean Strawberry Blondies”

Having a Ball Making Cake Balls

I recently joined a craft group that some St. Petersburg Times folks started last fall. Joining the group has given me an excuse to rekindle my creativity by doing origami, making earrings and more. I hosted the last craft party and spiced it up a bit. In place of a traditional craft, my friend andContinue reading “Having a Ball Making Cake Balls”

Baking Pies, In a Makeshift Kind of Way

I convinced myself that I was well-prepared. Nutmeg? Check. Flour? Check. Six plump peaches? Check. I had everything I needed to bake two pear pies, or so I thought. When my friend and I started baking pies at my apartment Wednesday night, we soon realized that I was missing measuring cups. I thought I hadContinue reading “Baking Pies, In a Makeshift Kind of Way”