Recent Poynter Online Stories about Student Journalists, Online Startups and More

by Mallary Tenore Tarpley


The Poynter staff have recently had their pics taken for promotional materials. Here's the one they took of me at my desk. (No, that AP Stylebook wasn't strategically placed there!) Photo by Jim Stem

I’ve gotten to write some fun stories lately about innovative college students, online news startups and news consumers donating to good causes they hear about in the news.

Here’s some of my most recent Poynter Online work:

“Texas Tribune’s Launch ‘Just the Beginning’ of Databases, What’s to Come,” Nov. 4

“CoPress Pushes Innovation, Shows Value of Open-Source Platforms,” Nov. 2

“ Grows Audience, Continues to Attract Expats Post-Katrina,” Oct. 28

“Huffington Post’s ‘Impact’ Lets Readers Donate to People in the News,” Oct. 25 (I interviewed Arianna Huffington for this one.)

“Ex-Unity Pres.: NAHJ, NABJ, AAJA, NAJA Should Not Merge,” Oct. 21

“Why So Much Interest in Fox News-Obama Feud?” Oct. 13

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