Sigur Ros’ ‘Track 3’ Unexpectedly Makes Me Think of Mom

by Mallary Tenore Tarpley

While listening to my Jose Gonzalez Pandora radio station earlier this week, I stumbled across a song I hadn’t heard before: Sigur Ros’ “Track Three.” It’s an instrumental song, but one that I liked enough to want to look up on YouTube.

It seemed fitting that the first video that popped up wasn’t the official music video or a live version of the band playing the song; it was a video chronicling the bond between a mother and her young daughter. The descriptor said: “This is a Spec Video: Love this track so much, so I made a visual of a mother and daughter in the [pursuit of] emotion: love.”

Sometimes signs come when we least expect them. I didn’t think this song would end up reminding me of my mom, but it did. I cried when I watched the video — I think because there was so much emotion in it, long and drawn out as it is. So often, I try to capture memories of my mom through anecdotes, essays and words. But in this case, emotion was enough. Sometimes, as Hans Christian Andersen once said, “Where words fail, music speaks.”

The video reminded me of a tape I have of my mom and I singing together. The song we sang speaks to our relationship and to my love for entertaining and doing whatever I could to get my mom’s attention. I’m going to try re-recording it and turning it into an audio slideshow. You can look for the slideshow in an upcoming blog post.