Got an iPhone, Now in Need of Some Apps

by Mallary Tenore Tarpley

This weekend I familiarized myself my new iPhone and started downloading some apps. Up until last week, I owned a pretty straightforward LG phone that didn’t have Smartphone capabilities.

Now I’ve converted to the Jesus phone. And yes, it’s heavenly.

I feared that I’d never put my iPhone down once I got one, simply because I’d always want to be Shazaming a song, fist-bumping another iPhone-owning friend, or pretending to drink beer — an “iBeer,” that is. But I’ve done a pretty good job of keeping myself from incessantly checking e-mail, breaking news updates and tweets.

I did, however, spend an hour this afternoon downloading apps after reading a New York Times story about the Apple store being a game changer for the cell phone industry. The story said there are more than 100,000 apps — a number that’s expected to triple throughout the next year. (By the way, check out the cool illustration that goes along with the story.)

Here are the apps I’ve downloaded so far: Bump; Shazam; Yelp; AP Mobile; CNN; NYTimes; AppGmail; Pandora: ESPN ScoreCenter; Fandango; Facebook and TweetDeck. All were free except for the CNN app.

Which other apps should I download?