Getting used to the iPad reading experience

I’m now officially an iPad owner. My boyfriend unexpectedly bought me one for my birthday after seeing how much I enjoyed using his whenever we went on road trips or were lounging around. It’s one of those gifts that I wouldn’t buy for myself, but that I’ve secretly wanted for a while. I’m still gettingContinue reading “Getting used to the iPad reading experience”

News Sites Find Ways to Engage Users, Lower Bounce Rates

Today Poynter Online published a story I’ve been working on about bounce rates. In the course of my reporting, I came across a variety of news sites that have found creative ways to increase user engagement and lower their bounce rates. You can find out more about what they’re doing here: “There are lots ofContinue reading “News Sites Find Ways to Engage Users, Lower Bounce Rates”

Recent Poynter Online Stories, Chats

Here’s a latest sampling of my recent Poynter Online stories. Angier: Newspaper Science Reporting Is ‘Basically Going out of Existence’ (This story has generated some interesting discussions …) Help-Portrait Founder: ‘Photography is a Chance to Feel a Sense of Dignity’ Public TV, Radio Stations to Increase Local Investigative Coverage I’ve also gotten to moderate someContinue reading “Recent Poynter Online Stories, Chats”

Got an iPhone, Now in Need of Some Apps

This weekend I familiarized myself my new iPhone and started downloading some apps. Up until last week, I owned a pretty straightforward LG phone that didn’t have Smartphone capabilities. Now I’ve converted to the Jesus phone. And yes, it’s heavenly. I feared that I’d never put my iPhone down once I got one, simply becauseContinue reading “Got an iPhone, Now in Need of Some Apps”