Lots of Books in My Bookcase, Eight on My Nightstand

I’ve always read a lot, but lately I haven’t made as much time for books as I’d like. Growing up, it was easy to find time to read — I read while walking two miles every day on my way to and from middle school. I read while climbing trees, while walking through the groceryContinue reading “Lots of Books in My Bookcase, Eight on My Nightstand”

Tackling BBC’s 100 Books List

My friend recently posted the BBC’s 100 books list. I looked at her list and put Xs next to the books I’ve read. I was surprised to learn that I’ve read 48 of the books. (I knew being an English major would pay off someday!) I hope to read them all eventually, though some ofContinue reading “Tackling BBC’s 100 Books List”

Falling Asleep in the Boston Public Library

The snoring was loud enough to turn heads. On the otherwise quiet second floor of the Boston Public Library, a man sat with his head titled backward, his arms outstretched, his mouth wide open. I peered at him over the cover of Joan Didion’s “Democracy” and wondered what had made him so tired. Was itContinue reading “Falling Asleep in the Boston Public Library”

Helping to Put Together Poynter’s Book of Election Front Pages

Recently, I helped put together The Poynter Institute’s new election front page book, which features 75 newspaper front pages from around the world. My editor, Julie Moos, thought of the idea for the book and led the institute’s efforts in putting it together in just two weeks. The goal was to have it published inContinue reading “Helping to Put Together Poynter’s Book of Election Front Pages”

‘What’s on Your Page 56?’

One of my friends recently started a thread on Facebook called “What’s on your page 56?” She offered this brief description: Page 56 Rules: * Grab the book nearest you. Right now. * Turn to page 56. * Find the fifth sentence. * Post that sentence along with the book and author. Yay. I wasContinue reading “‘What’s on Your Page 56?’”

A Visit to the Book Doctor Turned Into a Story

I stumbled across the Book Doctor’s shop while walking around Dallas’ Bishop Arts District one day. It’s a tiny shop, nestled in the corner of a strip of stores. I went into the store and started talking with the shop’s owner, Julie, a.k.a. the Book Doctor. She told me fascinating anecdotes about her customers, manyContinue reading “A Visit to the Book Doctor Turned Into a Story”

An Essay Worth Sharing: Joan Didion’s ‘On Self Respect’

Not long ago I was at Border’s, looking through the store’s Joan Didion selection. She’s one of my favorite authors, so I naturally gravitate toward her books. As I opened Didion’s “Slouching Toward Bethlehem,” I re-read her “On Self Respect” essay. To read a beautifully-written essay about what self respect means is for me aContinue reading “An Essay Worth Sharing: Joan Didion’s ‘On Self Respect’”

Have a Favorite Book? Add It to My Reading List

My top desk drawer is cluttered with tiny pieces of paper, many of which have book titles written on them. Instead of letting these scraps of paper pile up, I’ve written out the book titles below. The list is an expansion of one I created last year for my blog to keep track of books I’ve been wanting toContinue reading “Have a Favorite Book? Add It to My Reading List”

Persepolis: A Graphic Memoir Worth Reading

I haven’t seen the movie version of the book, but I’ve heard it’s pretty good. Tonight I had a virtual book club meeting with friends in Virginia, Pennsylvania and here in Dallas to discuss Persepolis. Our book club, which my friend and I started last year as a way to keep in touch with eachContinue reading “Persepolis: A Graphic Memoir Worth Reading”