Learning How Editing Can Make You a Better Writer

I’ve been getting to write more stories for work, which has been great in terms of developing my reporting and writing skills. I’ve found that line and copy editing stories for Poynter Online throughout the past year has made me a better writer. It’s taught me to write tighter sentences, triple-check my facts and cutContinue reading “Learning How Editing Can Make You a Better Writer”

Grammarians, Language Lovers Unite at 13th Annual ACES Conference

“Who loves semicolons?” a grammarian asked while teaching a workshop at the American Copy Editors Society conference last weekend. A room full of hands shot up. “Woohoo!” one audience member yelled. It was an appropriate set-up for the discussion that followed — a discussion rooted in the nuts and bolts of grammar and in theContinue reading “Grammarians, Language Lovers Unite at 13th Annual ACES Conference”

Story Behind the ‘Copy Editor’s Lament’ Song

Earlier this week my editor sent me a link to a song that one of Poynter’s faculty members found via Twitter. After hearing the “Copy Editor’s Lament” song, I couldn’t help but want to write about it. I interviewed Christopher Ave, the man who wrote and recorded it, and wrote the piece shortly thereafter. IContinue reading “Story Behind the ‘Copy Editor’s Lament’ Song”

Seeking Resources for Copy Editors

Pretty soon I’m going to be entering the world of copy editing. I have copy editing experience, but I want to read and learn more about the profession. Right now I’m reading The Copy-Editing and Headline Handbook by Barbara G. Ellis. (Sounds real fun, I know!) It’s actually pretty interesting. Ellis goes into a lotContinue reading “Seeking Resources for Copy Editors”

Responsibilities Rise as Copy Desks Shrink

Mallary Tenore/Poynter Online My editor asked me to write an article about “the future of copy editing” last week after hearing talk of copy desks shrinking nationwide. She said she thought I would be especially interested in the topic, given that I am going to spend the next year copy editing for Poynter Online andContinue reading “Responsibilities Rise as Copy Desks Shrink”

Heading to Dallas, Then Back to St. Petersburg

During a time when many journalists are getting laid off or leaving the industry to further their education or enter a new field, I’ve been putting out feelers for reporting jobs. I like to think that despite the difficulties the industry is facing, there is hope for young journalists who want to enter the field.Continue reading “Heading to Dallas, Then Back to St. Petersburg”