Personal Essay Sparks Reaction from Dad, Friends, Strangers

When I published a personal essay about my mom and food last week, I wondered what people would say — or if they’d say anything at all. To my surprise, though, the response has been overwhelming. Friends, coworkers, former teachers and strangers have commented on my blog and sent me Facebook messages, Tweets and e-mails.Continue reading “Personal Essay Sparks Reaction from Dad, Friends, Strangers”

How Losing My Mom Led Me to Neglect a Hungry Heart

Last month, I mentioned that I had begun a Poynter course on personal essay writing. My goal in the course was to write an essay about how the death of my mother has affected my relationship with food — today and in the immediate aftermath of her death. This isn’t an easy subject for me toContinue reading “How Losing My Mom Led Me to Neglect a Hungry Heart”