Sites That Help You Build, Learn More About Your Twitter Community

There are lots of neat sites to help you familiarize yourself with, and build, your Twitter community.

Here are a couple that come to mind:

Twellow — White Pages for Twitter

TweetDeck, Twhirl and Twitterfall — Desktop applications for Twitter

Qwitter — Site that lets you know whenever someone stops following you. The site seems to pride itself on “Catching Twitter quitters.” Sneaky! — A Twitter search engine

Twittersheep — Characterizes your “flock” of followers using keywords

I experimented with Twittersheep and found that words such as “journalist,” “media” and “reporter” best describe my Twitter followers. No surprise there! You can find me on Twitter @mallarytenore.

Screengrab of my "Twitter flock"

Screengrab of my "Twitter flock"