Teaching Twitter to journalists, hoping to make an impact

Today I taught in a Poynter seminar for news anchors. As I was getting situated in the classroom before everyone else had arrived, I wondered if I had what it took to teach such an experienced group of journalists. But as the anchors entered the room, it became clear that I had little to worryContinue reading “Teaching Twitter to journalists, hoping to make an impact”

Why Twitter Matters to Journalism

A University of Tampa student recently asked for my input regarding the use of Twitter in the journalism world. She reached out to me for comment, but didn’t end up writing the story.  So, for what it’s worth, I’m posting her questions and my answers here. Feel free to disagree with, or expand on, myContinue reading “Why Twitter Matters to Journalism”

Sites That Help You Build, Learn More About Your Twitter Community

There are lots of neat sites to help you familiarize yourself with, and build, your Twitter community. Here are a couple that come to mind: Twellow — White Pages for Twitter TweetDeck, Twhirl and Twitterfall — Desktop applications for Twitter Qwitter — Site that lets you know whenever someone stops following you. The site seemsContinue reading “Sites That Help You Build, Learn More About Your Twitter Community”

Twitter Tatoos — The Next Big Thing?

So here’s a guy who wants to start tattooing his forearm with different people’s Twitter names. People interested in having their names tattooed on his arm can place a bid to @drew on Twitter, using the hashtag #twittertattoo. Proceeds go to the Make-A-Wish foundation. Thanks to @mashable for the tip. I wonder if people areContinue reading “Twitter Tatoos — The Next Big Thing?”

In Need of a Lede? Tweet about It

It all started with a Tweet. I was at work, struggling to come up with a lede for one of my short stories about an art fair. My editor happened to be away from his desk so, in need of some inspiration, I Tweeted: “Having one of those ‘ugh, I just need to write thisContinue reading “In Need of a Lede? Tweet about It”