Finding My Way on the Ballet Beat

by Mallary Tenore Tarpley

I wrote a story for Tuesday’s paper about the Texas Ballet Theater falling short in its fundraising goals. The company has to raise $1.5 million in pledges and $500,000 in cash within the next week or it will close. In writing so many stories about the ballet, I’ve developed a lot of local sources. I need to start storing my numbers electronically, or just get a good, old-fashioned Rolodex!

You can read my ballet story here:

With only one week to go before its deadline, the Texas Ballet Theater is falling hundreds of thousands of dollars short in its fundraising efforts.

The company says it needs $1.5 million in pledges and $500,000 in cash by Sept. 10, the opening day of the company’s season. As of Tuesday, Margo McCann, the group’s interim managing director, said it had raised $145,326 in cash and about $800,000 in pledges.

“Quite frankly, it’s not that much money for two cities to come up with,” said Ben Stevenson, the theater’s artistic director.

Most of the contributions have come through small donations from community members, Ms. McCann said.

The company’s board of directors finalized a formal business plan last week, which includes doing away with live music at performances, she said.

A development director – a position the company has been without for the past three years – also has been chosen. Administrators are withholding the name of the director until they can be sure the company will stay open.


Weigh in: If you’re a journalist, how do you store/save sources’ contact information?