Why I run

Running has always been a powerful release for me. It’s a good stress reliever, and it’s also a way for me to make progress. When I train for races, I set goals for myself so I can have something to work toward. With each run, I can feel myself getting stronger. I become more awareContinue reading “Why I run”

Thanks for Your Race for the Cure Donations

I wanted to thank everyone who helped me raise money for the Race for the Cure. I ended up exceeding y $1,000 goal and raising $1,285, the majority of which will go toward local nonprofit organizations that offer screenings, breast health education, and treatment projects for those who are medically underserved. About 25 percent ofContinue reading “Thanks for Your Race for the Cure Donations”

Running in the St. Anthony’s Triathlon

Last weekend I ran in my first triathlon — the St. Anthony’s Triathlon in St. Petersburg, Fla. I was part of a relay team of girls who I hardly knew a month ago but who I grew closer with as we worked together to complete each leg of the race. Our team came in sixthContinue reading “Running in the St. Anthony’s Triathlon”

On a ‘Running High’ after Finishing the Disney Princess Half Marathon

My wake-up call was much too early. Saturday night, I went to bed at 8:30 p.m. and set my alarm for 3:15 a.m. — the time I usually go to bed on Saturday nights. The Disney Princess Half Marathon was starting at 6 a.m. the next morning, and my friends and I had to beContinue reading “On a ‘Running High’ after Finishing the Disney Princess Half Marathon”

Running the Disney Princess Half Marathon This Weekend

I’ve bought my tiara and am ready to be a princess, if only for a day. This weekend I’m running the Disney Princess Half Marathon with two of my best friends — one from my hometown and one from college. I’ve been training for a few months for this race, getting up early in theContinue reading “Running the Disney Princess Half Marathon This Weekend”

Training for a Half-Marathon on List of Goals for 2010

I’m not one to make New Year’s resolutions. If I want to do something badly enough, I try to do it during the year. This year, though, I’m feeling more motivated to think about my goals for 2010, in part because I have a lot I want to accomplish in the months ahead. I’ve foundContinue reading “Training for a Half-Marathon on List of Goals for 2010”

Waking up for a Morning Run

Waking up is hard to do. It’s even harder when you’re not a morning person and you know you have to go for a run right after the alarm rings. 7:56 a.m. Four more minutes. 8 a.m. Snooze. 8:09 a.m. I pull back the curtain, hoping it’s raining outside so I’ll have an excuse notContinue reading “Waking up for a Morning Run”