Sigur Ros’ ‘Track 3’ Unexpectedly Makes Me Think of Mom

While listening to my Jose Gonzalez Pandora radio station earlier this week, I stumbled across a song I hadn’t heard before: Sigur Ros’ “Track Three.” It’s an instrumental song, but one that I liked enough to want to look up on YouTube. It seemed fitting that the first video that popped up wasn’t the officialContinue reading “Sigur Ros’ ‘Track 3’ Unexpectedly Makes Me Think of Mom”

Mallary and the ‘Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day’

We all have those days, or weeks or months where everything seems to go wrong. Alexander, one of my favorite childhood literary characters, said it best when he summed up his stroke of bad luck in the book “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day”: “I went to sleep with gum inContinue reading “Mallary and the ‘Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day’”

An Anniversary That Gets Easier with Time, and a Cat

February 9 is a day I’ll always remember. It’s the day my mom died, the day that signaled the end of a life and the beginning of my rocky journey into life without a mom. I’ve learned a lot in the past 12 years since my mom died, but I still struggle to understand whyContinue reading “An Anniversary That Gets Easier with Time, and a Cat”

Much to Be Grateful for This Holiday Season

I’m at home now, listening to the snow melt into the wee hours of Christmas day. My neighbors’ lights are turned off, and the streets are silent. No cars are rushing by, no sirens echo in the distance. It’s a perfect night to curl under the covers with a warm fleece blanket and something cuddlyContinue reading “Much to Be Grateful for This Holiday Season”

Combating Loneliness and Its Myths

I was surprised to open my mailbox Tuesday night and see a New York Magazine cover story with the headline: “The Loneliness Myth.” The word “loneliness” stuck out at me because it’s a word that I’m forever trying to understand. New York Magazine provides some background on the history of loneliness, saying that it “evolvedContinue reading “Combating Loneliness and Its Myths”

Spotting Signs from Loved Ones Who Have Died

Every time I read Hope Edelman’s Motherless Daughters, I feel comforted in knowing that I’m not alone. In the book, Edelman talks about life as a motherless daughter and shares the stories of other daughters who have lost their moms. As helpful as it is to read these women’s stories, it’s also therapeutic to writeContinue reading “Spotting Signs from Loved Ones Who Have Died”

Not a Mom, but a Proud Daughter

The first day I went on an assignment in Dallas, I was mistaken for a high schooler. Three weeks later, I was mistaken for a mom. “Hi, welcome! Are you a mom?” a woman with a long blonde pony tail asked me Thursday night. “Oh no, I’m just here for the ‘Girls’ Night Out,’ potteryContinue reading “Not a Mom, but a Proud Daughter”

Honoring Mom — (and My Surrogate Moms)

I still wonder every Mother’s Day why my mom had to pass away. She’s been gone for 11 years, and yet the day is still difficult for me. I walk into the bookstore and see “Mother’s Day” book displays and overhear daughters talk about what they plan to do with their moms, and I can’tContinue reading “Honoring Mom — (and My Surrogate Moms)”